Munistat has a growing presence providing advice to nonprofits on long-term bank and capital markets financing. Our role as Municipal Advisor, unlike anyone else in a financing, is to provide independent financial advice, and our primary objective is to assist our clients in the development and implementation of their capital financing plans and the marketing of their securities, without any overt or implicit conflict of interest. While nonprofits borrowing in the municipal sector is less well-known than the $300 billion market of state, county and local government issuers, nonprofit borrowers still comprise $20-25 billion in annual borrowing. The nonprofit sector includes major healthcare nonprofit systems and private colleges and universities, as well as dozens of other types of nonprofits including: human service organizations, community facilities, secondary schools, summer camps, zoos, conservation organizations, museums and foundations.

Bond and loan financing may permit a user to build its projects sooner, expand the scope of its projects, spread the cost of a capital facility over a longer period to match the useful life of the project, or direct its fundraising to other purposes. With facilities financed by low-interest, long-term loans, fundraising can be directed to other purposes. Additionally, it helps build a stronger financial base to sustain the organization through downturns in the economy.