Capital Project Planning

The most effective use of our services comes from an ongoing involvement, where we work with you to develop a long-term plan and assist in the coordination of its implementation. We assist our clients in the development of a financial plan to size, structure and market their bonds. The plan should provide alternatives and be flexible in order to accommodate changing circumstances...


Rating Agency Reviews

When a bond issue is brought to the market with an Official Statement, it will most likely be accompanied by a credit rating. In anticipation of a bond sale or if an issuer would like to obtain an indicative rating, we submit all necessary documents and information to the rating agencies. Munistat engages in approximately 75 rating agency reviews and surveillance calls per year. It is Munistat’s policy to participate in the conference call with the rating agency in order to present our views regarding the Issuer’s rating...


Financing with Bonds,
Notes and Leases

As soon as the method of borrowing has been determined, it is time to market the bonds to the investor community. An Official Statement is the offering document that is prepared on behalf of the issuer in connection with the sale of securities. Such document describes the terms and conditions of the sale,...


Continuing Disclosure

In accordance with SEC Rule 15c2-12 and the Undertaking to Provide Continuing Disclosure as executed by the issuer in connection with certain bonds, the issuer is required to file a Statement of Annual Financial and Operating Information with the Electronic Municipal Market Access System (EMMA) each year that the Bonds are outstanding. Failure to provide the Statement to the repositories within the time specified constitutes...


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